Getting Back Into College Football

In my first marriage, I watched a lot of football games. My second husband doesn’t watch sports, so I stopped altogether,  but now, I plan on getting back into college football and following their games.

I found out what it was like to become obsessed with college football when I would go to visit my in-law’s. They would gather around the TV and shout at the players to “do this”, or ask “Why did you do that?”. At first, I kind of laughed to myself while watching with them. It wasn’t long before I was yelling right along with them. We all cheered as our team score touchdowns.

I have since remarried and my second husband is more into electronics than sports. He will go to whatever games or competitions our daughter has, but that is it. I didn’t really miss watching college ball for a long time, but lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how fun it had become for me.

Growing up Without Sports

As a child, my family wasn’t really into football. Can you imagine a life with no football?!? We did play baseball/softball growing up, but that was pretty much the extent of our sports in the family. We didn’t have a lot of electronics back then either. No wonder I got so bored and started getting into trouble.

I did get to join Girl Scouts though. We did a lot of fun things. Most of the things we did weren’t really sports minded, but I guess I did keep active and I learned a lot. We learned how to do something different every week.

The funnest thing we got to do was take skating lessons. After going once, I talked my parents into letting me go a lot more. It was roller skating, and although I’ve never been able to ice skate (I have weak ankles) I do enjoy watching ice skating (and gymnastics) during the Olympics. I haven’t even watched them much lately though.

At one point, I was hanging out with friends who were very sports minded. I didn’t go to the games when they went, but I did have an experience that I’ll never forget.

My First Glimpse of Football

One day, while with a friend, we went to her sister’s house. Her sister was going to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks practice at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, AR. The closest I had ever watched anyone playing with a football was when my friend’s family was playing in a field inbetween our houses. I did go to a few football games at school, but I didn’t really know what was going on, so I just hung out with friends and cheered with the crowd (having no idea what I was cheering about).

As we started to watch the Razorbacks practice, my friend’s sister pointed out the players one by one and told us their names and what positions they played. I was intrigued, but I really had no clue as to what she was talking about. I didn’t ask questions, because I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

It was really cool getting to watch them up close and personal though. The stands were pretty much empty, so I felt like we were the only ones there.

When I was a teen, and no longer playing softball or being involved in Girl Scouts, I went to work at War Memorial Amusement Park, next to the stadium. I was dating the owner’s “right-hand-man” and the park was uphill from from the stadium. He showed me a spot, in a tree that we climbed, where you could see the whole football field.

That was the only time we climbed up in that tree. We watched the game for a while, then climbed down. I didn’t start watching the games on TV until I got married the first time, and started watching with my new family.

Relearning the Rules of Football

We are in Arkansas, so naturally we rooted for the Razorback Hogs. We would usually watch at our house, or our friend’s houses, but during Thanksgiving Holiday’s we would go and eat at my mother-in-law’s, then watch the game afterwards.

I miss the gatherings, because we spent a lot of that time hanging out with family and friends. Now that I plan on watching with family and friends again, I will have to relearn the rules of the game. I haven’t watch football for a lot of years. I’m sure it will be just like riding a bicycle though, right?

Time to Get Some New Football Apparel

Back when I watched college football before, I always wore one of my Razorback jerseys or shirts, and maybe a hat (I don’t wear hats very much, but sometimes I would wear one in support of my team). I knew there were was other team apparel out there, but now that I’ve started looking around, I can’t believe the items that are available with the team logo.

There’s everything from grill covers, to embroidered towel gift sets, to dog collars and blender bottles and jewelry, and who knows what else out there! I’m sure I’ll just stick with my shirts for now though.

I’ve still been wearing my Arkansas Razorback shirts through the years, even though I haven’t been watching the games anyway, but now I will “need” to wear it. Can’t be caught watching a game without representing.

Are You Ready for Some College Football?

What will all of you be doing to get ready for this season? Do you go crazy with your team’s memorabilia, or do you just wear a football jersey or hoodie like I do? I usually wear men’s shirts, simply because they fit me better.

Do you dress out your vehicle and go to the parking lot before (or after) the games and have tailgate parties? Who is your favorite college football team?

If you are going to any of the SEC games when Arkansas plays, whether you’re for or against us, let me know where you will be sitting and what you will be wearing and I will try to spot you in the crowd.

Are you ready for some college football everybody. It’s coming sooner than later!





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2 Replies to “Getting Back Into College Football”

  1. This brings back old memories of my first exposure to college football as a toddler. Those were the days of the Ohio State Buckeye coach, Woody Hayes.

    At the time, I didn’t understand why, all of a sudden, he was fired. Heck, I was just starting grade school so, I didn’t know much of anything.

    But, those were my formative years – and college football was wondrously enjoyable. It still is. To this day, I keep track of my favorite football team, Ohio State, along with the current head coach, Urban Meyer. Who can forget the famous 2014 football season when Meyer took the Buckeyes to a national championship by beating #1 Alabama and #2 Oregon? There was even a street named after him in appreciation for his success!

    I totally enjoy college sports memorabilia – especially anything relating to my favorite college football team.


    1. I wasn’t even watching in 2014, but I remember Alabama getting beat. I have a lot of cousins in Alabama and they were all so upset!

      I’m not really sure why we didn’t watch sports growing up. We all played ball and used to go watch the Arkansas Travelers from time to time. I guess they just weren’t into TV’s, because we rarely watched anything. We mostly went outside and played.

      Sometimes I wish we had gone to some football and basketball games while I was little. I’ll have to have a long talk with my mother, lol.
      Even though I never really got into sports without some sort of persuasion, I’ve always loved wearing my college sports memorabilia. I’m pretty sure I have at least 4-5 shirts in my closet as we speak.


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